Bring some sweetness to your fundraising

Looking for different fundraising ideas for your School or Club?

We have a number of different fundraising ideas. Contact us to find out more
or to organise your tasty Honey Fundraiser.  


​Decide on the quantity to sell

We can cater for big and small numbers.
We have Wildflower, Rewarewa and Kanuka Honey available.
(Decide on the number of jars of honey – there are 12 jars in a box)

Order your honey

We can discuss the fundraising rate we will give to your school at the time of order or at time of enquiry.
Your honey will then be delivered to your School/Club/Team.
You will be invoiced.

Sell your honey

Advertise in your newsletter, on social media and place flyers up. Each Student/Club or Team Member takes an order form, approaches their neighbours, friends and family to buy some honey. Or as a School/Group set up a stall at your next event (e.g Gala Day, Livestock Day) or even set up a Street Stall in your local town. 

Return unopened boxes of honey

Any unopened boxes of honey not sold can be returned for a credit.

Why Honey?

Honey is healthy, tasty and delicious! Our honey is 100% pure honey of top quality!  

Sustainably sourced and collected by your local beekeepers with minimal to no disturbance to the beautiful spots our bees live in. 

It’s good for you – honey has great health benefits and can be used in so many ways whether its cooking, baking, smoothies, on sandwiches, lemon and honey drinks or eaten straight off the spoon!


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