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Tahuna Gold Honey

12 Years ago, NZ Beekeepers Robert and Paula Watson, along with their young family, decided to start a new journey into the world of Keeping Bees. Purchasing 100 hives at first, this journey with these amazing creatures now sees Tahuna Gold Honey running 1,200 hives.

Based in Tahuna, Morrinsville (the heart of the Waikato, New Zealand) with their hives situated in some of the most natural, secluded spots in New Zealand, Tahuna Gold Honey's aim is to have minimal to no disturbance to these untouched places as they gently collect their beautiful, natural honey.

Family plays a big role in Tahuna Gold Honey

Family plays a huge role in the life of Robert and Paula (born and bred in the Morrinsville Area).  Having three sons growing up with bees has meant that they too have grown to understand and respect the importance of and what they can do to help bees and also our environment. Robert and Paula feel this education is important and hope their family take this knowledge and also pass it on to others.

We welcome you to enjoy Tahuna Gold Honey

The Team at Tahuna Gold Honey work on the principal of ‘respecting and looking out for each other and our surroundings’, as NZ beekeepers and producers of food, ‘taking great pride in not only our bees and the superfood they produce but also our environment’. The Team at Tahuna Gold Honey have the utmost care and respect for the beautiful region that they live in, with their passion for bees resulting in some of New Zealand’s finest Honey.

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