Fun Honey
Bee Facts

did you know...

It takes 12 bees their whole life to make a teaspoon of honey

Bees visit
50-100 flowers
per trip

Bees smell is 50 times more powerful than a dog

Wax comes from a stomach gland in the Bee

It takes 10kg
of pollen to
produce 1kg of Honey

(And to produce 10kgs of pollen it takes 4 million flowers and a bee to fly the equivalent of 3 times round the world)

​Bee Venom is stronger than cobra snake Venom

 (19 stings per kg of body weight would be required to be deadly not considering a person who is an anaphylactic)

Bees fly at 24km per hour and weigh 1/10 of a gram

Bees have Jointed legs -no kneecaps

so there’s really is no such thing as the bees knees

Bees carry half there body weight

don’t sleep

but worker/flying bees will rest at night


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